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Customisation or standard air filter?

As well as the many customised solutions, TripleAir Technology also offers a huge range of guaranteed standard products, including complementary systems such as filter housings, ceiling systems, blueprints, etc. Whatever your requirements, TripleAir Technology already has the solution for you.


Of course, our clients requirements are extremely diverse. However, all clients are similar in one respect: they want assurance that the end quality of the product they purchase is uniform and stable. And that applies to specials too.

Experience, an innovative approach and a healthy dose of courage mean that no question or request is too complicated. Challenges! A word that’s a great match for TripleAir Technology. That’s why we continue to invest in digitised and other state-of-the-art production methods, ensuring that the production of all kinds of ‘special’ also becomes a ‘standard’ task.


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