In de weken 32 & 33 zijn wij gesloten, daarna staan we weer voor u klaar!

We are TipleAir

One-stop-shop for air filtration

As many clients consider speed, a permanent availability and pricing in line with the market to be essential, all our filters are designed, developed and produced entirely in house. This means that, as well as ensuring clean air for your employees and production processes, you just have one point of contact for all your filtration challenges.

If you would like to know more about how TripleAir Technology can help you take the next step, feel free to call us or send your question by e-mail. We will respond with a clear answer as soon as possible.

International synergy with a focus on you

In addition to its Dutch site and because many products are used in the UK, TripleAir Technology is also represented in the UK, offering you maximum added value. In other countries, TripleAir Technology works together with carefully selected distributors. In short, wherever you work in the world or wherever you are completing a project, TripleAir Technology is there fore you.

A true air filter specialist since its foundation

For many years, TripleAir Technology has been a reliable partner, addressing any challenges relating to purifying intake and exhaust air for particulate matter and/or gases. A professional and committed organisation with both domestic and international roots, the company’s strength is driven by its motivated and well-educated staff.

Our staff has so many years of experience in designing and producing filters that they are very aware of the level of responsibility associated with producing such products. That’s why our production processes are described in a quality management system. Components supplied by third parties are consistently screened via measurements and audits. And we conduct structural sample tests for quality control throughout the production process before approving products for delivery.

For additional assurance, you can also decide to have the system installed under the supervision of your own staff, enabling you to retain oversight and even more control of the process.

Circular economy

Clean air is not only relevant for your employees and production processes. It is also a statement of how you operate as company within the entire chain. The same applies to the circular economy, in which the reuse of products and raw materials is maximised. TripleAir Technology is a major advocate of this way of working and thinking, as it is the only way to reduce the environmental impact of production and halt the large-scale waste of capital resources. It also offers many opportunities for future-oriented companies.