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Micro electronics

High-quality filtration requirements for micro-electronics

As TripleAir Technology’s know-how is unparalleled, we have been consulted as authority on and first contact point for filters for the production of micro-electronics for many years, both nationally and internationally. As well as a huge variety of filtration solutions, TripleAir Technology supplies complementary air treatment products.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Our experienced and professional staff will provide an answer or proposal that will certainly appeal to you.

Different protocols for every cleanroom

In this controlled production environment, the concentration of particulate matter in the air must remain within set levels at all times. In these areas, people, processes, facilities and equipment cause continuous contamination, which needs to be constantly removed from the ambient air.

The extent to which these particulates and micro-contaminants are to be removed depends on the required standards, different criteria, individual protocols and determined tolerances. In other words, we aim to create a unique solution to maintain total and structural control of contaminants in the ambient and supplied air. TripleAir Technology is your professional contact point and will be delighted to help you select the right filter solutions and technologies for cleanrooms.


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