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The specialist in filters for operating rooms and laboratories

Carefree confidence in healthcare filters

TripleAir Technology is extremely active across the entire bandwidth of the healthcare sector. As well as operating in a wide variety of filter and application areas, TripleAir Technology supplies complementary air treatment products.

Work without bacteria, viruses and fungal spores

Hospitals and particularly operating theatres are locations in which people need to have confidence of the correct hygiene procedures. Of course, clean supplied and filtered ambient air is part of this.

Controlling airborne micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses and fungal spores) by filtering out pathogens from the air is vital, particularly in medical environments. TripleAir Technology offers many years’ experience with every type of air filter.

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Filtration of gases in laboratories

As well as filtering unwanted particles, you may want to filter other airborne contaminants. For example, in laboratories where specific gases regularly need to be filtered from the air.

TripleAir Technology’s reliable air filter products help you keep such environments clean and healthy, creating a safe and infection-free environment for your processes, production and personnel.

Labratory products