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Manufacturing industry

TripleAir Technology is extremely active within the manufacturing industry. This market is characterised by many application areas and different production environments. Ask TripleAir Technology to find the best filter solution for you or for information on our complementary air treatment products.

Air filters for the manufacturing industry

Maximum hygiene in production areas

‘If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.’ This metaphor symbolises in a good way how serious TripleAir Technology embraces working in accordance with applicable standards and certifications (ISO 16890- EN1822:2019- ISO 29463).

And that’s logical too – if you consider that TripleAir Technology’s services are used in most extreme critical production processes. After all, under these circumstances the required hygiene is largely determined by having totally clean intake and exhaust air.

Wide range of air filter options for offices

Research studies across the world demonstrate that pollutant levels in offices and production locations are some two to five times higher than those in the outside air. This implies that employees are permanently exposed to an increased risk of infections, illnesses and other discomfort.

And, of course, any preventive measures you take to reduce this will cost money. But how much do ill employees cost? The starting point is a clean, fresh and healthy working environment that enhances general productivity and improves production processes.

High-efficiency filters for property

TripleAir Technology offers a wide range of air filter options to help you find the right balance between costs and the preventive reduction of risks. A fantastic example of this are the energy-efficient industrial high-efficiency particulate filters, which ensure an optimal air balance and a drastic reduction in levels of contaminating substances entering your facility. TripleAir Technology also offers you a huge range of simple disposable filters, air conditioning HVAC filters and filters that eliminate contaminants up to the very highest level.

Air filters for property