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Application Cleanroom supply- and return air, fan filter units, cleanroom gel ceiling
Type EPA-HEPA and ULPA panel with a KnifeEdge for Gel Seal sealing and Fan Filter Units.
Media Waterproof micro glass fibers
Gasket None or 2 component polyurethane one piece endless seal
Separator Thermoplastic hotmelt
Frame Extruded anodized alumunium
Faceguard Mild steel epoxy coated
Filter Classification E11-U17
Nominal Airflow (m/s) 0.45
Air Volume (m³/hr) up till 2700
Initial Pressure drop (Pa) See table, used air velocity other than the nominal velocity may increase or reduce efficiency and initial resistance
Temperature (max) 70°C in continuous operation


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Technical Data

Style code Dimensions WxHxD (mm) Filter classification EN1822 Nominal air flow (m/s) Air volume (m³/hr) Initial pressure drop (Pa)
TA-2-KE-14-G0-F3 610x610x86 H14 0.45 600 120
TA-2-KE-14-G0-F3 610x762x86 H14 0.45 750 120
TA-2-KE-14-G0-F3 610x1220x86 H14 0.45 1200 120
TA-2-KE-14-G0-F3 610x1524x86 H14 0.45 1500 120
TA-2-KE-14-G0-F3 610x1830x86 H14 0.45 1800 120
TA-3-KE-14-G0-F3 610x610x110 H14 0.45 600 85
TA-3-KE-14-G0-F3 610x762x110 H14 0.45 750 85
TA-3-KE-14-G0-F3 610x1220x110 H14 0.45 1200 85
TA-3-KE-14-G0-F3 610x1524x110 H14 0.45 1500 85
TA-3-KE-14-G0-F3 610x1830x110 H14 0.45 1800 85

Note: other sizes and executions available upon request
* Tolerance on pressure drop ± 15%

Recommended final pressure drop: 500 Pa
Admissible relative humidity: <100%

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