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TripleAir Technology maintains a policy of continuous product research and improvement, and retains the right to change product specification and design without notice. © 2013.01 TAT

Technical Data

Unit type 66EC 69EC 612EC 99EC 912EC 1212EC
Size (mm) 570x570 570x870 570x1170 870x870 870x1170 1170x1170
Height-Top change 445mm 445mm 445mm 445mm 445mm 445mm
Height-Room change 475mm 475mm 475mm 475mm 475mm 475mm
Air volume @ 0.45m³/s 0.15m³/s 0.22m³/s 0.3m³/s 0.34m³/s 0.46m³/s 0.62m³/s
Ventilator 66-310EC 69-310EC 612-355EC 99-355EC 912-400EC 1212-400EC
Power (Kw) 0.16 0.37 0.43 0.43 0.37 0.36
Running current (A) 0.7 1.7 1.9 1.9 1.65 1.8
Noise Level (dBA) 55 53 52 54 54 54
Total Static @ 0.45m/s 220Pa 210Pa 190Pa 190Pa 210Pa 260Pa
External Static 110Pa 110Pa 110Pa 110Pa 110Pa 110Pa
Weight - incl filter (Kg) 22 24 32 32 47 59
Pre-filter size (optional) 370x440x44 490x490x44 490x490x44 490x490x44 740x740x44 740x740x44
  1. Height excludes handles which add 50mm
  2. Optional pre-filter section adds 105mm to overall height
  3. Noise level indicative only – based on 1mtr, single unit, clean filter in free field condition

TripleAir Technology specialise in Cleanroom Technology with the ability to offer advice and design assistance as well as sourcing filtration products and components. We also have a warehouse/storage facility for holding critical stock. TripleAir Technology manufacturing facility in the Netherlands is equipped with the state of the art digital media pleater for accurate and consistent quality where standard and non standard filters can be produced to meet our customer’s critical requirements. All our HEPA/ULPA filters are manufactured in accordance with the latest International Standards/Recommendations and are supplied with a unique individual test certification. These filters ensure that supply and exhaust air is cleaned of unwanted particulate, microbes, bacteria and viruses. The end result is Ultra clean air protecting people, manufacturing and the environment. Our teams reputation of providing the best quality service for project success cannot be match within our industry, and we strive to continuously improve to keep pace with the changing environment we live in. For this and indeed other products within our range, please do not hesitate to contact us at, call us via +31(0)591 630607.

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