Animal Virus Air Filtration

TripleAir Technology has 30 years of experience in the agricultural (pig and poultry) sector and is an experienced supplier of HEPA and ULPA filters. This combination, made that TripleAir started with sale of air filtration systems in the agricultural sector.
Based on research of the University of Minnesota, TripleAir has developed a special filter for pig and poultry farms, that will protect animals from viruses that travel through air, like PRRS and Mycoplasma. TripleAir develops and produces its own filters and high quality and flexibility are standard.

The farms that used these filters booked tangible results over the last few years. The experience and knowledge that TripleAir has gained over the years are available to our customers. TripleAir wants to contribute to the high health status of your company. More and more production sows and boar studs already are protected worldwide. In the context of improving the health status on pig and poultry farms, air filtration is an important issue, now and in the future.