Animal Virus Air Filtration

TripleAir Technoloy has has 30 years of experience in the agricultural ( pig and poultry) sector. This combination, made Clarcor Inc. from the USA decide, to start a partnership with TripleAir, as their Master Distributor for Europe. Clarcor Inc. developed, in close cooperation with the University of Minnesota a filter that protects pig and poultry farms against airborne viruses like PRRS and Mycoplasma. Good results are made in the USA over the last 4 years, while Clarcors filters are of high quality and competitive.

Over half a million productionsows and also boar struds, already are protected. Knowledge and experience are available to our customers. In the context of improving the health status on pig and poulty farms, airfiltration is an important issue, now and in the future. Airfiltration can play an important role in reducing the use of medicins in the food production chain.