The improvement of air quality in hospitals, clinics and other health-care settings is a vital constituent of modern airborne hygiene procedures. It is also of importance with regard to occupational health and safety requirements in medical institutions. TripleAir Technology Air Filtration products provide a healthier and more pleasant environment for patients, staff and visitors. It also makes economic sense due to its relevance as a preventative infection control measure. Some areas will require high-efficiency filtration of airborne microorganisms whereas other areas require the filtration of gaseous contaminants, chemicals and odors to provide a safer and more pleasant working environment (e.g., in laboratories, autopsy rooms, dental surgeries, pharmacies). The control of airborne microorganisms (e.g., bacteria, viruses, fungal spores) is of major importance in medical settings due to the fact that a number of diseases and infections can be transmitted by airborne pathogens.