Production, quality and certification

TripleAir possess the state-of-the-art technology for the production. The latest pleating machine produces various types of media packages. With it we manufacture various types of high quality air filters. The standard integrity test checks the quality of the high-end filters, i.e. in conformity with EN1822. This constitutes one of the guarantees by which TripleAir stand out as filter specialists. 

Specific knowledge and experience constitute the second pillar of the company's ambitions. Management and employees are well trained and can boast of (tens of) years of experience in filter design and manufacturing. Our manufacturing processes are controlled by a quality management system. Third-party components are consistently screened in tests and audits performed by the suppliers.

An additional quality guarantee is offered through project support and service by means of product control and checks, ranging from product specifications to validation upon delivery. To guarantee the quality even further, the client can opt for supervised assembly. In this way, our company is involved in quality control from the drawing board to the product's first operation.